Healing Stones and Crystals

A gemstone is a precious or semi-precious stone that can be used in jewelry, adornments, balancing chakras, healing, meditation or as home decor.

Agate – balance, love and inspiration
Amazonite – brings harmony, balance, truth, joy and success
Amber – clarification, light, spirituality, healing and purification
Amethyst – protection, purification, release of addictions, bestows stability, strength and peace
Ametrine – spiritual and mental clarity, assists in decision making
Angel Aura Quartz – uplifts, brings peace, serenity and awareness
Angelite – expands awareness, peace, serenity and encourages forgiveness
Apache Tears – protection, grounding, emotional cleansing
Aqua Aura Quartz – psychic protection, calms, relaxing, connects with spiritual realms
Aquamarine – enhances clear communication and assists with tolerance
Aragonite – emotional healing, balance, renews confidence
Aventurine – confidence, growth, motivation and tranquility
Azurite – insight, vision, intuition, enhances dreams and for concentration
Bloodstone – courage, healing and strength, detoxification
Blue Aragonite – intuition, meditation, knowledge, increased perception
Blue Calcite – psychic ability, soothes the emotional body, astral travel
Blue Goldstone – protection, uplifting
Blue Lace Agate – communication, clarity and confidence
Carnelian – stimulation, courage, protects from negative emotions
Chalcedony – Calming, balance, inner knowledge and communication
Citrine – confidence booster, protects against negativity
Charoite – protection, healing, inner knowledge
Chrysocolla – goddess energy, power and gentleness, communication
Chrysoprase – connection to nature, growth, compassion, forgiveness and altruism
Cinnabar – transformation, insight, manifestation, wealth
Citrine – clarity, creativity, perseverance and manifestation
Coral – a symbol of youth, health and hope
Danburite – channeling, angelic communication, peace, eliminates stress
Diopside – opens the heart, balance, healing, perception
Emerald – sensitivity, harmony and focus, eliminates negativity, love and compassion
Fluorite – concentration, intuition, understanding, clears energy fields
Garnet – stone of vitality and passion, heath, awareness and commitment
Green Calcite – balance, release of resentment and stress, relaxation
Hematite – optimism, courage, manifestation, grounding, helps to keep inward peace
Herkimer Quartz Diamond – purification, dreams and visions
Iolite – intuition and spiritual growth
Jade – brings balance and healing, fortune, longevity and relieves anxiety
Jasper – protection, grounding, insight and brings joy into life
Kunzite – emotional healing and love
Kyanite – empathy, telepathy, connecting to nature
Labradorite – stimulates the imagination, good for patience and self-esteem, a mystical and protective stone
Lapis Lazuli – wisdom, intuition, awareness and courage
Larimar – brings peace and tranquility, feminine power, connects to goddess energies
Lazulite – discipline, psychic abilities, focus
Lemurian Light Crystal – visions, inner light
Lemurian Seed Crystal – unification with the soul, connects with Divine Feminine
Lepidolite – emotional healing, balance, relieves stress, purification
Magnesite – promotes positivity, calms nerves
Malachite – a stone of positivity, balance, creativity and aids with healing the heart
Moonstone – reflection, insight, harmony, peace, the goddess, dreams
Morganite – compassion and love
Moss Agate – brings stability, grounding and balance by letting go of anger and bitterness
Mother of Pearl – clarity, intuition, sensitivity
Obsidian – protection, healing, deflects negativity
Onyx – self-control, intuition, reason and a symbol of eloquence
Opal – represents love or passion, it stimulates originality and creativity
Opalite – man made but opens communication and helps reduce stress
Orange Calcite – confidence, creativity, sexuality
Pearl – symbolizes love, success, happiness and wisdom
Peridot – brings balance of emotions, good health, peace to relationships
Pyrite – protection from negativity, physical wholeness, memory, masculine energy, confidence
Quartz – clarity, power, memory enhancement and healing
Rhodochrosite – stimulates love and passion, soothes emotional stress and encourages positive outlook
Rhodonite – peace, generosity, compassion, attention to details
Rose Quartz – love, peace, emotional healing and calming
Ruby – courage, passion, strength and enthusiasm
Ruby Zoisite – healing, joyfulness, inner and outer development
Rutilated Quartz – expands awareness, grounding and manifestation
Selenite – spiritual activation, higher-self, angels and spirit guides
Seraphinite – regeneration and self-healing
Serpentine – connection with nature, access to spiritual history
Shiva Lingam – spiritual transformation, enlightenment and oneness with All
Shungite – cleansing, purification and adherence to the truth
Smoky Quartz – grounds, centers, removes negativity, manifests dreams and inspirations
Sodalite – intuition and insight
Spirit Quartz – purification, protection, freedom of fear, spiritual evolution
Sugilite – spiritual protection and purification
Sunstone – leadership, blessings and enlightened male energy
Tanzanite – connects mind and heart, enhances spirituality, self-expression and truth
Tigers Eye – courage, strength, fairness, energy and luck
Tiger Iron – strength, focus, grounding, self-healing and stamina
Titanium Quartz – enjoyment, humor, vitality
Tourmalated Quartz – aids detoxification, soothes nerves and dissolves fears
Tourmaline – purification, love, tranquility and serenity
Turquoise – spiritual expansion, strengthens and calms the body and mind
Unakite – balance, healing, draws off negative energy and helps to lift your spirits
Yellow Calcite – enhances self confidence, hope

Caring For Your Gemstone Jewelry:

To ensure that you will receive years of pleasure from your jewelry, it is important to take the necessary steps to care for it properly. Clean jewelry using warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. Use a non-abrasive silver cloth or soft lint free cloth to polish jewelry and remove tarnishing. Never use chemical cleaners or abrasive polish on pearls, gemstones, or plated jewelry. Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing and going to bed. Body lotion, perfume, hairspray, salt water and chemically treated water can ruin your jewelry permanently. It is recommended to store your jewelry separately in a jewelry box or pouch. To help avoid silver jewelry from tarnishing, it can be store in a sealed plastic bag with a piece of chalk.