Amethyst Butterfly Crystal Suncatcher



This amethyst butterfly crystal suncatcher is uniquely designed and crafted with care! The gorgeous smoky silver shade prism will throw vibrant rainbows when in direct sunlight. It is embellished with faceted and round purple amethyst gemstones, a faceted silver crystal bead with purple and golden hues, silver butterflies and fancy silver metal beads.

The length of the amethyst butterfly crystal suncatcher is approximately 3.5 inches before the chain is added and comes on your choice of the following hanging options:
1) Rearview Mirror – silver chain with clasp
2) Home Decor – 6″ silver chain with sturdy ring
3) Ceiling Fan/Light Pull – 6″ silver ball chain with connector for easy attachment to existing chain pull

This suncatcher is crafted with attention to detail for strength and longevity. Crystal suncatchers are wonderful keepsakes that will last for years to come.

♥ Amethyst bestows stability, clarity, strength, peace and spirituality. It is also considered the sobriety stone. Amethyst is the birthstone for February!
♥ Butterflies symbolize transformation and joy! ƸӜƷ
♥ Purple represents creativity, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

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