Blue Lotus Flower Buddha Crystal Suncatcher



This Blue Lotus Flower Buddha Crystal Suncatcher can be hung on the rearview mirror, in a sunny window or wherever you choose!
The gorgeous 30mm light sapphire blue Swarovski crystal prism has hundreds of facets that give a glorious sparkle! It is embellished with a silver lotus flower that measures 7/8″ wide and 3/4″ long, a silver metal Buddha head. It is wire wrapped with beautiful shades of sapphire blue Swarovski crystals and fancy silver metal beads. This unique decoration is quality made with love and care for strength and longevity! This blue Swarovski prism is retired and no longer in production, once they are gone – that’s it!

♥ The Blue Lotus Flower Buddha Crystal Suncatcher is approximately 5.25″ long before chain is added and comes on your choice of the following hanging options:
1) Rearview Mirror – a silver bead chain with clasp (can be trimmed shorter to your preferred length if desired).
2) Window/Home Decor – a 6″ chain with ring. Total length is approximately 11.25″ long.

♥ Swarovski is known worldwide as the finest crystal, the sparkle, facets and cut are beyond outstanding!

♥ The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, rebirth and self-regeneration. When its roots are in the dirtiest of water, the lotus produces a gorgeous flower.
♥ Blue represents cool, calm, grounded, responsible, faithful, confidence and infinity.
♥ The Buddha head represents spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge.
♥ Sapphire is the birthstone for September.

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