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Rainbow Chakra Crystal Prism Suncatcher


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This rainbow chakra prism crystal suncatcher is designed with a quality 40mm x 45mm faceted prism crystal that is wire wrapped by hand with flawless Austrian Swarovski crystals in seven color of the chakra/rainbow. The length is approximately 10 1/2 inches and comes on silver chain with a sturdy half inch ring at the top for ease of hanging from a hook. The prism is securely crafted for quality, strength and longevity! Hang this in a window that gets direct sunlight and you will have beautiful rainbows splashed around!

♥ Choose from clear or AB clear prisms (the AB clear prism has a partial aurora borealis finish that will enhance the rainbow effect when in direct sunlight).

♥ This prism crystal suncatcher is large/heavy and is NOT INTENDED FOR THE REARVIEW MIRROR.

♥ If you would like more than the quantity available – send me a message! I will reply as quickly as possible.

Offering many unique and individually handcrafted crystal suncatchers and crystal rearview car charms with guaranteed quality craftsmanship!

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