Pink Dragonfly Crystal Suncatcher


Dragonfly crystal for the rearview or window!


This pink dragonfly crystal suncatcher is made with a 20mm or 30mm prism crystal and is embellished with light pink faceted crystal beads and silver etched dragonfly wings. It is wire wrapped with care for strength and longevity.

♥ The pink dragonfly crystal suncatcher decoration measures approximately 2.5″ (20mm) or 3″ (30mm) before the chain is added and comes on your choice of hanging options:
1) Rearview Mirror – silver bead chain with clasp
2) Window/Home Decor – 6″ silver chain with ring

♥ Dragonflies represent change and transformation. The dragonfly symbolizes peace, prosperity, good luck, strength, harmony, and purity. The life of a dragonfly is short and reminds us to live our lives to the fullest.

💗 Pink is a calming color that represents universal love of oneself and of others, kindness, and femininity.

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