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Swarovski Prism Crystal Suncatcher


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This Swarovski prism crystal suncatcher is uniquely designed with a large 50mm Swarovski Spectra clear prism crystal ball which is wire-wrapped by hand for strength and longevity. The prism is embellished with iridescent Swarovski crystals, fancy silver metal beads with rhinestones, and a silver chain with a sturdy ring at the top for easy hanging. Total length is 12 inches.
50mm is equivalent to approximately 2 inches. This large Swarovski Spectra prism is no longer in production, this is a LIMITED EDITION!

The facets in the Spectra prism are beyond gorgeous and will throw beautiful rainbows when in direct sunlight during “rainbow hour”. The prism is discontinued by Swarovski, so once they are gone – that’s it!

Hang the Swarovski prism crystal suncatcher in a window in the kitchen, sunroom, porch, garden, or wherever it makes you happy.

♥ This Swarovski crystal suncatcher is large/heavy and is NOT INTENDED FOR THE REARVIEW MIRROR.

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