Quartz Crystal Dreamcatcher



This clear quartz wire wrapped crystal dreamcatcher can be hung in your home or on your rearview mirror! Each dreamcatcher is unique with a beautiful raw clear quartz crystal point that is wrapped with silver wire and has a natural tumbled clear quartz stone in the middle of the web.
The silver hoop is approximately 1.25″ wide and each quartz point varies in length at approximately 1 inch or more – give or take depending on what is currently available.

♥ Clear quartz has many healing properties. It is the most powerful healing stone and is believed to protect against negative energy. It is considered the “master healer” and is used for cleansing and balancing all of the chakras. Rock Crystal is the birthstone for April.

Dreamcatchers are believed to protect us from bad dreams, by capturing bad spirits and filtering them. They are also given to newborns and young children as it is believed that they bless the sleeping ones – making these the perfect gift for a new parent, child or truly anyone, as nobody is too old to have a dreamcatcher!

The quartz crystal dreamcatcher comes on your choice of the following hanging options:
1) Window/Home Decor – 6″ silver chain with ring
2) Rearview Mirror – silver bead chain with clasp

♥ Please note that the quartz point and quartz gemstone in the middle are different on every dreamcatcher as they are natural crystals.

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