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Amethyst Quartz Crystal


Protection Crystal With Amethyst



A unique wire wrapped clear quartz crystal rearview mirror protection crystal that is double terminated (has points on top and bottom) and embellished with clear quartz rounds, beautiful purple amethyst gemstones and beautiful silver etched metal beads. These wire wrapped quartz crystal pendulums comes on a silver chain with clasp for ease of hanging on the rearview, or a 6″ chain with ring to hang from a hook wherever you choose!

♥ Clear quartz is the most powerful healing stone, protection stone, and is believed to protect against negative energy.

♥ Amethyst is a highly protective stone, it bestows stability, strength and peace. It is also considered the “sobriety stone”. 

♥ PLEASE NOTE: Each quartz charm is made with a natural crystal so they vary in size (long/short/thin/wide), and unique markings (inclusions/cloudy) which are created during the natural growth and formation of the crystals, as they are NOT grown in a lab which makes each pendant unique and beautiful! See picture #4 to get an idea of the variations of the wire wrapped quartz pendants.