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Serpent Mood Decoration


Color Changing Mood Bead Dragon Decor

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This unique serpent mood decoration changes color with temperature! The serpent can be hung from the rearview mirror, in a window at home, the office or anywhere you like!

The serpent is a natural guardian of treasures and sacred spaces, it also represents fertility. They are symbols of transformation, immortality and healing. This serpent is guarding a jewel in representation.

It is handcrafted with a 1.5″ two-sided silver serpent pendant that has amazing detail. The serpent is holding a beautiful and flawless Swarovski crystal teardrop. It is embellished with a quality color-changing mood bead (not a knock-off) that will change colors with the temperature of the environment. There are flawless peacock colored Swarovski crystals and turquoise colored faceted crystal beads along with fancy silver metal beads to accent.

♥ This beaded crystal serpent decoration is approximately 4″ and comes on your choice of the following hanging options:
1) Rearview Mirror – silver chain with clasp
2) Home Decor – 6″ chain with ring

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